Season Trends AW15

  1. Fur and fluff. There’s just something about fur and Autumn that is so alluring, which is why designers are drawn to it again and again. Whether it’s an oversized coat from Givenchy, or scarves from Zac Posen, fur and faux fur are trending again for the fall season. A fluffy coat is probably the most essential buy for Autumn 2015 to keep you warm and stylish.


  1. Pinks. Anything pink! Hats, gloves, shoes, hair, coats, socks…seriously, make sure you have pinks in your wardrobe and on you for October and beyond. Designers are embracing this sensual colour in a variety of pretty, sweet shades from Alexander McQueen and Fendi, to strong, modern and bolder hues from Byblos and Giorgio Armani.


  1. Glitter and gold. A shining, disco-style dress for an evening out or a shimmery top for the office is an October must. Try it and you’ll love it – the eighties are back! At India Fashion Week, Payal Singhal showcased some beautiful sparkly gowns, which are definitely a sign for the glittery Autumn. And Samant Chauhan revealed beautifully loose, white, gold and red outfits, simply delightful for any Halloween rendezvous.


  1. Suits. Softly tailored with fluid styling, suits have taken over the runway – perfect for the office, yet relaxed. Rag&Bone showcased some vibrant colours that can perk up any cold October day whilst Versace revealed gorgeous black tailoring for a sophisticated, chic look. Pairing up a dark suit with a bright tee or nothing but your smooth, naked skin makes a great dressed-down look too (perfect for after-hours).


  1. Waists. Whether it’s a thick belt, a skinny rope or a cinched dress, hourglasses are on fire this season. Designers have gone back to the waist with oversized buckles (think Tommy Hilfiger) and quirky bows (Giles) adding a feminine touch to any outfit. Waistbands also makes a bold statement; a fashion must-have to stay in style for October. Tom Ford and Gucci had some stunning examples of how a thick and thin band can work on suits, dresses and a skirt-shirt pair.


  1. Monochrome. Geometrics in black and white are commanding, pure and complex. Victoria Beckham and Valentino displayed dazzling outfits whilst Rajesh Pratap Singh alluded to hospitals and nurses in angular blacks and whites this season. Your wardrobe should definitely include some neutrals and monochrome for a beautiful and strong silhouette this Autumn.

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  1. Florals. Just because Summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to hide away the beautiful flower dresses from sunnier days. Folk dresses look fabulous paired with long sleeved shirts or tight jumpers! And why not add some decorative flowers to your outfit like Prada to keep summer with you a little while longer.


By Annie Mirza


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