Fashion Accessories for Fall/Winter 2015

Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Weeks from Milan to New York have revealed some of the biggest accessories that could hit the streets this winter. And there are some classics that will always work in winter, even if they look out of place for the rest of the year. There are so many fresh and timeless trends that will help an outfit stand out and here are a few of my favourites:

  1. Earrings. Christian Dior showcased single drop pieces whilst MiuMiu and Gucci experimented some beautiful huge stones at shoulder length this runway season. These bejewelled adornments are great for winter with their eye-catching shine under a woolly hat. They are an ideal and chic way to upgrade any look during the day and the night.
  2. Brooches and Pins. Winter is about sparkle and magic with Christmas dreams in the air, and a bold brooch in an array of colours is the right statement for winter. Prada revealed some beautiful flower brooches this season, and with huge stones and oversized jewellery taking over the runway, a sparkly brooch or diamonte pin is the perfect accessory to brighten and liven a hijab, jumper, coat, or hat this fall/winter.
  3. Gloves. Although it never gets absurdly cold here in Britain, the autumn air bites. A staple piece for winter is a pair of gloves and they have to make the right statement! This season called for elbow lengths and fur: Dries Van Noten revealed a beautiful take on opera gloves with modern, quirky bright colours and at Marc Jacobs there were some beautiful leather, classic versions. Fendi showed us smooth suede gloves with lots of hair for an added statement and Ralph Lauren experimented with fur trims for added warmth and texture.
  4. Scarves. It seems that long scarves have made a come back for this winter. Balenciaga’s scarves came in a variety of reds, blacks and whites, adding warmth to a winter’s outfit. Chloe revealed slim, super lengthy scarves draped several times for a feminine effect. Long scarves in cashmere and wool are also an excellent and timeless piece in winter; I like to loosely drape mine around my shoulders and neck with an open coat for some effortless layering, this looks especially sophisticated with a neat headscarf.
  5. Ear Muffs. These are practical for winter and luckily they will look breath taking too. This season showed some beautiful and unique earmuffs in flowery designs from Olympia Le Tan. A must-have for fashion forward women in winter, and a stunning alternative for those of us who don’t really like to wear hats but gets cold ears in the chill.
  6. Chokers. In earlier seasons the 90s wire chokers were back, and now knit pieces could take their place for winter. Alutzzura has taken the choker and turtleneck to another level by combining them into a statement piece for winter winds. A thick and wide, stretchy and knitted woollen choker looks elegant and chic, whilst keeping you toasty warm.
  7. Hats. Protecting your hair and your head from chilly breezes is important, and you can look chic whilst doing it. Big hats and beanies are always a go to style in winter, especially the overstated and chunky. Make sure they’re comfortably snug, but loose and laidback. Going for deep browns, purples, blues and greys is the norm in cold seasons, yet there is room for vibrant colours and quirky designs. A brightly coloured hat or a pompom detail can make a dull rainy day happier.
  8. Woolly tights. Don’t run to jeans and trousers in winter because it’s too cold to wear a dress or kameez. Bright woolly tights, especially glitters and nudes, with a subtle cable knit design can help keep your legs stay warm without the need to give up your favourite outfits. With a range of colours available, these textured marvels can help you stand out from the crowd, and Abercrombie&Fitch always have new styles coming in for the cold months.
  9. Collars. Like chokers, these are a fabulous statement piece for winter. Combining a scarf and a shrug is a winter collar, traditionally in fur, but recently evolving into the woollen snood. Winter collars can add sophistication, warmth and grace to any outfit; their versatile nature means they give you that classy presence with anything, be it a coat, churidarr dress or cashmere jumper.
  10. Boots. One of the best things about winter is being able to wear boots (at least that’s my excuse to wear them every day). Nothing is sexier or more elegant than well-polished footwear and the ankle boots from Alexander Wang have to be my favourite from the international fall/winter catwalks. Smooth and sleek boots instantly class-up any type of attire from shorts to abayas, especially second skin boots from Stuart Weitzman.

By Annie Mirza


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