World’s Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift


Forget flowers, chocolates, bouquets of roses, or even an engagement ring – if you’re looking to really splash out this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got just the ticket for you.

The five-star Shangri-La hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi has launched an exclusive package for Valentine’s Day – the only catch is the price tag, which sits at a cool AED 400,000. Yes, you read that correctly – FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND.

The package starts with a private limousine pickup, where the guests are whisked off to the hotel to check-in to an exquisitely decorated Presidential Suite, including fresh flowers, premium gourmet chocolates and the finest vintage champagne on ice. This is followed by a pampering spa treatment called ‘Indulgence of time’ which includes an exfoliating and cleansing caviar facial. After that you move on to dinner, which is a private rooftop dinner table with a seven course set menu accompanied by a selection of specially chosen vintage wines and bubbles. Dinner consists of personalized dishes as well as indulgences such as caviar, oysters and other French delicacies. Not to mention you’ll be entertained by own magician (sadly not Paul Daniels) and private musician. Post-dessert you get to exchange gifts, which include an array of Montre Hublot and Dior couture pieces handpicked by a personal shopper. Finally the night comes to an end with a romantic nighttime helicopter ride across the city before returning to your suite.

So if you’ve got some spare cash hidden in an exotic offshore bank account, it’s time to cash it all in for one ridiculously expensive Valentine’s Day treat – just make sure you don’t need to send any of your kids to college.


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