New Givenchy Lip and Chanel Foundation Launches

New Givenchy Lip and Chanel Foundation Launches

Speaking of a great start of the year, two major luxury brands are launching a new foundation. CHANEL is bringing it with a foundation that feels like skin and gives you a glow from within, theLes Beiges foundation. And Dior is updating its Forever foundation to a formula that’s even more long lasting and matte. (Sounds like music to my ears!)
Bobbi Brown gets me all excited with the launch of a new mascara that’s called Eye Opening Mascara, which sounds more than promising to me.

In the lip department, Givenchy has the most beautiful new Rouge Interdit Vinyl. That packaging! And MAC does cute lip glosses that are Huggable as well. I’ll do a review with swatches soon, but I can already add that I adore both.
Clarins has an amazing lineup ready for Spring, their Multi-Blush in 5 is healthy skin in a little palette. It’s such a pretty colour, I almost don’t want to stick my finger in it. And then there’s the beautiful limited edition of Giorgio Armani’s Sì, one of my favourite winter staples.



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