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We all love food, it’s a central parts of our everyday lives and it’s to be enjoyed whether it be on your own or with friends and family and copious amounts of wine. With indulgences freely available to us, over-indulgence often becomes a lifestyle rather than a weekend treat. But there’s a price to pay for that. Your health.
It’s become a bigger trend to be fit and healthy in the last few decades , or at least keep up appearances that you are on the bandwagon. We all know someone that boasts about doing a quick 33-mile run after work but in reality you know they’re sat at home with a glass of wine surfing the net or socialising.
HOWEVER THE SURFING PART IS NOT SUCH A BAD THING. COUNTLESS FITNESS-BUFFS HAVE MADE CAREERS AND businesses from the likes of YouTube and personal fitness websites , but something new on the block is Instagram. Instagram has been around for less than 6 years but has managed to be a major platform for diet, exercise and health regimes. Simply posting healthy recipes, your favourite leg day workout and talking about all things protein gets people interested and in the same vein reading what others have written also delivers the same success.
A buzz is created where like-minded people can come together through a hashtag and voila a community is created. The interesting thing is that it’s a community where many people join for other reasons and stumble upon the fitness aspect and create a bigger community. And for those who are not so willing you can just take a browse for ideas and motivation, everyone has to start somewhere!
It’s not the easiest thing committing to a healthy eating regime; we all go off the rails which is totally normal because afters all, we’re only human and temptation is to the fore both in the house and in the environment. So much food!
But if you’ve found yourself in a rut or the whole ‘New Year new me’ didn’t quite work out, just remember that tomorrow is another day and it’s never too late to start looking after your health and wellbeing. Your body is your driving machine so fuel it right and keep the engine running smoothly. Join one of the numerous online health and fitness websites today! They are popular and they work!

Shana Dhillon


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