Mother’s Day – Sunday March 6th 2016

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Every woman who has laid a baby to her chest, will have at some time wished that her child would one day bring home hand drawn mothers day cards from school or a flower plucked from the garden. Such is a mother’s heart, so easily filled with gusto and pride.

Mother’s day is celebrated in many countries, not just Europe. Mothers of every colour and creed are the objects of adoration. The actual day of celebration is not in unison. In the United Kingdom it is the fourth Sunday in Lent and falls exactly three weeks before Easter. The origin of this day is a little unclear. 16th Century England records people returning to their ‘mother Church’.

America on the other hand celebrates Mothers day in May and marked its 100 years of it’s recognition in 2014.

Irrespective of day or placement in the Calendar, the event represents the gratitude expressed to the woman who is ‘Mother’. It is extended to women beyond the biological ownership of the child. Mother figures, Grandmothers, Aunts and other respected female are also honoured.

And so they should be. For history is full of stories where women have sacrificed their all for children.

On 18th July 2014 a Russian publication reported how a woman saved her four-year-old child from the clutches of a lion. The child was grabbed by the cat during a visit to the Drakon Zoo in Makhachkala Russia and was only released when her mother Nina Charbavo dived in to startle the animal enough to release her daughter.

We have iconic mothers today who are known for their motherly ‘giving’ instincts. Angelina Jolie is known for her humanitarian work and devotion to her adopted children as well as he own. Princess Diana defied Royal protocol to cosset her boys and worked relentlessly with Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children. Mother Theresa too, needs no introduction as a mother of worthy fame.

Flowers, chocolates, cards, hugs and afternoon teas with pampering are all the order of the day for much loved Mums throughout the world. But there are those who go beyond the material oomph to pay tribute to ‘Mummy’. Celebrities in particular revel in the Mother’s Day accolade stampede.

Pop star Rihanna gave her mum Monica a five-bedroom house in 2012 in gratitude for her mother status. But it still can’t beat the house Monica gave Rihanna for nine months in her tummy. So says the sentimentalist within us.

2013 saw Beyoncé gift a 5.9 million mansion in Houston to mother Tina. And Leonardo De Caprio dedicated a grove of trees to his parent in 2006.
Well we may not all be able to show our love to our mother in such heavy monetary terms. But we can think of some heartwarming gestures of our own. A lovingly cooked meal for the woman who cooked thousands for us is just so nice.


Or you can spoil her with a breathtaking unique bouquet from Hayford & Rhodes, London florists established 1924. Their client list includes Kensington Palace, Harrods and St Paul’s Cathedral.

And if you feel you cannot quite afford the $5.9 million mansion, you could tempt your mum’s taste buds with Delafee luxury chocolates flecked with edible gold. The price of $508 per pound may lighten your pocket but heck; it’s a costly business feeding you from embryo status to full grown adolescent. So she is worth it.

Whatever gift you manifest on March 6th make sure it comes from an angle of love and recognition. It doesn’t matter what others are doing or have done, look your mother in the eye and see an ethereal love that can only exist in her eyes.

It is worth a blank cheque of devotion. So give it to her.

Meena Tah


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